Solar Cells and Kits

Make your own solar panels! Do It Yourself solar panel kits include the solar product components that will allow the buyer to assemble components together towards making a solar panel, and might save money compared to buying finished products. It can be a great money saving measure and very educational at the same time. Each kit contains the essential DIY components you need to connect solar cells: solar cells, tabbing wires, bus wire, a flux pen, and solder. Just encapsulate your connected solar cells to make solar power right away! These kits come in pre-packaged group of cells in the number of 36, 50, 108, 150, 200 cells. Please note that we recommend that the panels that you use be used in off grid battery charging application. For higher voltage grid tied projects, it's best to buy the professionally made UL certified panels and consult a solar professional.

The solar cells used in our DIY solar panels kits consist of two slightly different kinds of Everbright solar cells, American cells and German cells. Typically marked with .5v3.6a in the title of listings, American cells are characterized by its pronounced multi crystalline look with a more visible mosaic look front side. The front side smoother, showing the base wafer's multi crystalline grain boundaries more pronouncedly. It resembles traditional multi crystalline solar cells more. German cells have a slid blue front side, with a more shiny finish, and can show some surface wrinkles from the natural wafer growth method from the base materials. Both are excellent cells, and German cells are sometimes sold in pretabbed format, whereas American cells are often sold in untabbed format. Even the tabbed cells are only tabbed on the front side. Devens cells have slightly higher efficiency, and the cells that we sell here have fairly consistent power.