Solar Irradiance Meter

Solar Irradiance Meter
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Solar Irradiance Meter
1. Item Details:

The solar meter is the easist way you'll find to measure solar irradiance, the sun's power at any instant. Just turn the meter "on", point the sensor at the sun and read the sun's power in Watts/m2. These meters provide an accurate reading from 50-1200 W/m2. Resolution is 1 W/m2. The sensor is a silicon PV cell mounted on the front of the meter. Meters are calibrated on clear days in natural sunlight and adjusted to a reference cell measured against pyranometers at Sandia National Laboratories. Meters are pointed directly at the sun for calibration. Off-angel calibration is not done, but performance seems consistnet up to ~40 degree off direct normal. The meters are nto sealed for continuous exposure to weather. Treat them carefully as you would any other electronic meter. No analog output is avaliabl.e A 9-V battery is included. The LCD diplay may darken if left in direct sunglight. Remove the battery if the meter is not used for an exnteded period.

2. Packaging

We invested a lot of resources to make sure that the cells are well protected by a combination of foam pads, paper pad, bubble wraps, manufactured foam forms, inner box, and outer box. We have won rave reviews from our customer feedback on our outstanding packaging, just check our feedback so you can rest assured that your cells arrive intact. Our warehouse personnel take great pride in their packaging. And we are developing even better and efficient packaging solutions to bring the cells to our customers whole.

Each package is clearly marked. We also weigh each package and everything is recorded and signed off before shipping. All shipping paper work is double printed - one for our customer and one for our record, so that we have documented proof that we have shipped everything that our customers bought. This is done to prevent suspicious claims of not receiving the goods. In extremely rare occurrences where cells were shipped short, we would gladly make up the cells that you paid for but didn't receive.

You might break some cells during panel making process, so we always give our customer extra bonus cells for free just to show consideration for our customers. The number and percentage of extra cells we give vary, and it's purely at the discretion of the management, but all of our customers have been pleased with the deal they get.

3. Shipping

Shipping is free to 48 continent states in the US, if you order $150 or more. We ship the packages via US Postal Service priority mail, and we buy USPS delivery confirmation for all of the shipments at our own expenses.

For international orders, we are not responsible for your import duties, customs charges or other VAT's. And we don't know what the charges will be for each country. Do not get upset with us because your government thinks that you should pay extra. In actuality we would prefer to do business all within the United States, but we have some good customers from other countries so that's why we keep our international shipping program. We reserve the right to terminate our international shipping program at any time. Please check with your country's customs office prior to purchasing to determine what these additional costs will be.

4. Product Returns

We used to have a more strict sounding return policy, but when we looked at the numbers, returns are really so rare we now say that you can return the cells within 7 days broken or not for a complete refund with us paying the return shipping. Almost all of our customers are truly honorable and they didn't abuse our return policy. When we find people who abuse us, we will stop doing business with them. We keep selling our products at such attractive value and we are the original manufacturer that makes a lot of new products that we are going to sell direct to our customers so cheaply it would be stupid to burn the bridge. So far our customers are overwhelmingly happy with the great value and support that we provide.